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Awesome product and highly recommended!!

We have already tried your product previously and that’s why this latest purchase!! The flavours of the original jar were so reminiscent of our time in West Africa and brought back many happy memories so we thought we’d try some of the others in your range? We bought the 3 jar set with scotch bonnet and ginger, scotch bonnet and the green bullet pastes!! We haven’t sampled the ginger or the green bullet yet but will be sure to report back when we have and breathe fire into the report!!! Thanks for a genuinely awesome product - highly recommended. For all chilli lovers!!

Ian - 2nd Dec 2020

Excellent product bursting with unique flavours

Excellent product bursting with unique flavours, suitable for an array of dishes.
This sauce will transform your cooking and make you the envy of your friends and family in the kitchen.
I will certainly make another purchase!

Tony - 20th Nov 2020

Quick delivery and great product

Quick delivery, ordered the African Scotch Bonnet paste, used it for the first time this weekend on a friend who likes his food ‘spicy’ - no complaints, gave him the second jar I bought.

Tamsin - 8th Sept 2020

Worth it!!!!!!!!

I bought the taster pack and tried the ginger and Scotch bonnet marinade first on some lamb chops. I literally wanted to eat the bone that’s how good this marinade is!! The flavours are fresh and authentic. This is the real deal guys it’s worth every single penny and I will definitely be buying more and will certainly be putting it on every dish I can think of.

Nastashia - 3rd Aug 2020

What luck to come across such lovely…

What luck to come across such lovely people selling such an amazing product.

John - 23rd Oct 2020

African Scotch Bonnet Chilli Paste

This is the hottest of our range. Made with scotch bonnet chilli, it adds fruity undertone to a dish. We love this in Chilli Con Carne!


African Scotch Bonnet & Ginger

Our bestseller and the most fragrant and aromatic of our range! The ginger tones the scotch bonnet chilli and brings out delicious flavours. We love this with fish and seafood!

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African Green Bullet Chilli Paste

This is the least hot of our range. It's made with green bullet chilli and has a medium heat. It's quite sweet and works well with veggies and cheese based dishes. We love this on simple things like cheese toasties and on a cheese board.


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