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We bring you our carefully crafted Central African chilli pastes from our family recipe. Using our ancient slow cooking method to bring out delicious African flavours, we have accomplished a chilli paste that goes with everything and elevates your dish to a new level!

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I have tried all the different flavours…

I have tried all the different flavours with different foods and all have turned out amazing. The recipes available are great too. Tastes just like home cooked food. I'd recommend everyone to give them a try 😋

Romaana- 23 Jun 21

Authentic taste

Having returned from living in Africa for several years I have often tried to replicate the wonderful pepper sauces we use to have (without success) then I found neema takes me back. Good quick service

Daniel- 23 Jun 21

What can I say?
As always pure quality and enjoyment.
For anyone who has yet to try these marvellous products I urge you to do so, you will not be disappointed.

John- Jun 1st 2021

These are just the best Chillis in the world I bought 12 in one go just to make sure I don't run out, I highly recommend guys, you won't be disappointed. The Aromatic Ginger is my favourite.

Hubert- May 22, 2021

This was a case of fantastic packaging and fantastic content. Extremely useful and convenient... glad you came up with this . Well done.

Gail- May 19th 2021

Great Product and good customer service.
I stock up each time there's a deal. The flavour reminds me of home without it being too hot/spicy. They were nice to update me when I inquired about my order thinking I had missed my delivery.

Cari- May 8th 2021

Great product, excellent customer experience

I love these spices; having tried so many, I'm always sceptical of anyone proclaiming an ability to produce authentic spicy sauces - it's never done right. Not this one; the taste is superb and it's clear they know what they're about. The customer service is top notch and they fix problems quickly, quietly and efficiently. I've used them twice already and will be back again for sure. Thank you so much!

Roselyn- May 7th 2021

Great products - superb flavours

Great products, lovely combination of heat and depth of flavour

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Paul - May 7th 2021

Out of this world .Gorgeous taste and…

Out of this world .Gorgeous taste and smells .I've been adding them to all my sauces for extra va va voom

Maria- 29th Jan 2021

African Scotch Bonnet Chilli Paste


African Scotch Bonnet & Ginger


African Green Bullet Chilli Paste


100% natural ingredients. Vegan. No added sugar

All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, additives or added sugar. Use to cook, dip and marinate meat, fish and veggie dishes.

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