I love African food! Having lived in London for almost 16 years, I’ve been frustrated by the lack of representation of African food in UK retail outlets, so I am bringing to life a dream that I have had since I arrived – to launch the African premium food brand, Neema.

Neema is the Swahili word for Grace. It is my African name and means unmerited favour. Neema encapsulates the delicious central African cuisine of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where for centuries the food has remained traditional.

Through our range of delicious chilli sauces, let Neema transport you to the town of Kisangani in the Oriental Province of Democratic Republic of The Congo in Central Africa where traditional dishes are made using a range of beautifully blended spices to bring flavour to local dishes.

Our sauces are made from our secret family recipe; it is our heritage. They represent a story which going back a thousand years involves Middle Eastern influences reflected in our Swahili culture.

We love tasty and healthy premium quality food. This is why we have ensured that we only use the finest ingredients for our chilli sauces so that we produce something that is authentic, healthy and tasty. Our sauces are gluten free, low in sugar, a good source of fibre, high in unsaturated fat and mono-unsaturates.

Like us, we hope that you will come to love and enjoy our chilli sauces. Some of our customers love it so much that they eat it for breakfast with their sandwiches! This is how versatile our sauces are, you can eat it with anything you like.

Rose Yombo-Djema 

Founder & CEO