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How is Marinade made?

Welcome to our page, today we’ll show you how to master the basics of marinating your foods. We will go through the dos and don’t of marinating your meats, fish and veggies but before we do this we need to discuss what makes a delicious marinade. Did you know that a perfect marinade is made up of 3 essential components? These are fat, acid and flavour. Fats, acids and flavour are the three main components that make the base of any marinade. All marinades consist of these three components, in some shape or form and we will tell why these three components are very important.  Fat For your fats, you’ll need good oil. You want your marinade to get on the...

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Which Barbecues Should I Buy?

If you find yourself overthinking how not to undercook your food and sending your guest home with food poisoning, then look no further. This ultimate barbecue guide will help you ensure that you enjoy your barbecue with your friends and family without constantly worrying about your barbecue. Let’s start with the basics first: getting the right barbecue! There are two types of barbecues; gas and charcoal. Do you know how to choose according to your cooking preference? Here’s the difference between the two. Charcoal Barbecue: Charcoal barbecue is a traditional way of grilling meats, fish and vegetables over live charcoal. It’s a basic concept that has been used for hundreds of years. For a charcoal barbecue, the only thing you’ll...

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Are chillies good for you?

Chillies contains a chemical called Capsaicin which is responsible for the intense heat sensation you get when you eat them. Scientific studies have shown that Capsaicin helps relieve and prevent many health conditions. Here are 3 reasons why you should include chillies in your everyday diet... 1. Chillies lowers blood sugar level by breaking down sugar in your body. This is beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes. 2. Chillies promotes digestion, good mood and weight loss. If you feel good and satisfied after a spicy meal, it's the endorphins released by the chillies. The fire helps break down your food and allow your body to absorb the nutrients. Some studies have linked chilli with increasing your metabolism and reducing...

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