BBQ Neema Spiced Chicken, Okra & Plantain Kebabs With Corn Aioli

BBQ neema spiced chicken, okra & plantain kebabs, with corn aioli

Ingredients: (serves 2)
2 x boneless chicken thighs
2 fully ripe plantains
A handful of Okra
Kebab skewers
Neema kebab marinade
50g African green bullet chilli paste
25 ml soy sauce
1 lime (zested and juiced)
50ml olive oil
1 tsp maple syrup
Corn Aioli
1 x 340g tin sweetcorn (drained)
1tsp white miso paste
1 lemon (squeezed)
1 tsp disjon mustard
300ml olive oil


1. Preheat your bbq to 150 degrees celsius on the temperature gauge.
2. To make the kebabs, cut all your okra in half, peel and slice your plantain and toss in
a mixing bowl. Cut your chicken thighs into bite sized pieces and add to the bowl.
3. Mix the marinade ingredients together with a whisk and add to the bowl of chicken
and vegetables. Set aside until needed
4. Make your corn aioli – place all the ingredients except the oil into your food
processor and blitz until smooth. Then, drizzle your oil in, very slowly at the
beginning to emulsify into the blitzed corn mix, and then a little faster until the oil is
incorporated. You don’t have to use all the oil - enough to achieve an aioli - like
consistency. If you feel that the aioli is too thick, you can loosen with a splash of cold
5. Skewer your chicken, plantain and okra on to your kebab skewers, and place on the
bbq, for 30 minutes, turning regularly. If you have some marinade left, drizzle over
while cooking to add flavour and create fire!
6. Serve the kebabs alongside the corn aioli and enjoy!

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