Malaika Foundation


Our mission is to introduce traditional African flavours from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the rest of Africa to the world through our chilli sauces. We source the ingredients to create these family recipes from local communities all across Africa and so, as part of our brand ethos, we wanted to give back to the  communities that has helped us to become who we are – which is why Neema is partnering with the Malaika Foundation. 

Malaika is a grassroots non-profit organisation that works to provide education, clean water, and electricity to the village of Kalebuka in south-eastern DR Congo. Kalebuka has limited access to critical services and some of the lowest literacy rates in the country, 8% for men and 4% for women. Malaika’s local partnership approach has transformed the community through their focus on girls’ education and improved access to health programs. 


Since their founding in 2007 by Congolese/Cypriot model and humanitarian Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, the organisation has created new infrastructure for water and essential resources, a community centre, and a school. 

Out of the 263 million young people not in school around the world, 7 million live in DRC. Across sub-Saharan Africa, 49.5 million girls are not in school – they are 1.5 times more likely than boys to be prevented from accessing basic education. The Malaika School provides free, accredited primary and secondary education to 346 girls, offering a curriculum that includes STEM, coding, art, music, and sports. 

The school represents an innovative and sustainable model for girls’ education in the 21st century: powered 100% by solar energy, providing handmade uniforms for the girls and two healthy meals each day for all students and staff. The meals use organic ingredients grown on Malaika’s farm by the local community, offering an opportunity to learn more about agriculture and nutrition. 

As empowering girls means supporting the wider community too, Malaika continues to build and refurbish wells around the village that provide a consistent source of safe, potable drinking water. Their community centre, Kalebuka Football for Hope, offers free literacy and vocational education, health classes and sports programmes to out-of-school youth and adults in partnership with FIFA.  

Through improved access to education, sports and health programs, Malaika’s model of sustainable community impact and gender equity is inspiring young girls to create their own futures by building confidence and leadership. 

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