Neema's Brand Value

Our Brand Mission

To bring discovery and innovation of African culture to the other parts of the world.

To become the no.1 premium brand of tasty African food products in Europe by 2025.

Our Brand Manifesto

We are all-natural born explorers, whether you talk to someone next to you or travel the world you are exploring new places, new stories, new ways of thinking.

We explore to open our mind, discover something new about others but, as we do, we end up on our own journey of self-discovery. A journey where we discover who we are by doing things differently.

At Neema, discovery and innovation is at the core of what we do. We make changes in what’s already established through diversity. Diversity in food, diversity in fashion, diversity in technology. We introduce you to the African culture and its rich tradition centered on stories.

Stories are so unique and diverse it makes you understand your world better.

Do something new today. Discover 

Our Brand Values 


We create and package African food products in a way that will inspire your five senses whilst staying true to our authentic stories.


Because our ethos is about creating something new, we want to bring adventure to you as you discover the different regions and countries of Africa. 


Africa is a continent with 54 countries, we strive to bring variety and represent regional cuisines and culture from the continent.


We deeply care about the environment and the communities where we sourced our ingredients. Therefore, we ensure that our entire supply chain is transparent, sustainable and that our products are produced in the most ethical way. 

We are dedicated to working closely with farmers in Africa so that they achieve better overall trading conditions.

Giving back:

As we grow, we see it as our duty to give back to African communities by supporting girls into education and empowering women by lifting them out of poverty.